Sisters of the Black Moon was established in January 2010 by Alecia Marcum, Rachel Hunt, and Sara Larocca-Ramm. From its inception, these women have sought to foster enduring, working relationships and collaborations with emerging, independent designers as well as develop their very own collections. Seamlessly fusing the anachronistic and modern, this multinational company has effectively originated its own timeless aesthetic, producing garments that are befitting for the Swedish countryside, high-fashion metropolises, and all that lies in between.Although the enterprise has grown considerably since its founding, Sisters of the Black Moon still upholds its roots as a small business inspired by the aspirations of three friends; their original line is still handmade in the company’s hometown of Austin, Texas, with every step in fabrication personally overseen and refined. The owners still curate every piece they stock with meticulous consideration for craft, material, palette, and style. The compendium is a cohesive vision that has evolved in tandem with the maturation of their client base’s tastes. They are conscious of their impact, ensuring that the textiles are produced in a low-waste manner and with sustainable fabrics whenever possible. As it continues to expand, Sisters of the Black Moon only enlarges its platform upon which to take the innovative leaps that have defined it as the enigmatic fashion house it is today.

Written by Scout Paré-Phillips
Photo by Briana Purser